lundi 31 mai 2010

Les Frigos

Ice Ice Baby

Amy Moss, Australian graphic designer, has created for us an ice-cream wonderland. In her blog Eat Drink Chic, she gives us all the graphic tools- to download for free- to create an ice-cream buffet for fancy parties :)

vendredi 14 mai 2010

Total Life Forever!

Hello happy people! Here is one reason to feel even more happy:

Foals second album "Total Life Forever" is ouuuuuUUUuut! :D since 10th May for Frenchies..

For the poor souls wandering Foalsless, the doctor recommends listening to old Olympic Airways...
(my favourite track from their first album "Antidotes", even tho it's hard to pick just one. of course i should have chosen a freshly released single, but to enjoy the future, let's remember the past ^^)

And because now you all want to hear their past and coming songs, here is the direction:

mercredi 12 mai 2010

The 9 elements

Beware people, the "Making of the Trends" CD for SS2012 from Promostyl, presenting all the inspirations that helped developping the 4 main themes of the season is soon ready.

Gladly and modestly redacting a few captions, I discover in the process many artists.

Please applaud Corriette Schoenaerts!

In this campaign for the Utrecht School of the Arts, 9 qualities, necessary to succeed as a good artist, were determined. A future student would either have them, or be willing to develop them during their education. These qualities are imagination, character, talent, passion, fun, dedication, boldness, ideas, ambition.

But Im sure we can come up with others :)










For more, here is the link to her website!