mardi 27 avril 2010

Peter Callesen on paper

Here is what we should have done with our pieces of paper when bored in class... and with scissors...and creativity...and talent... Alright, Peter Callesen might be slighty better than we could ever be...

These works of art have different sizes, and themes - there not all about death but since I am the one choosing here, i've chosen my favorites (i tend to be clever) and they happen to be a bit macabre - so check his website to pick your own faves :)

The impossible meeting, 2005

White Hand, 2007

The Short Distance Between Time and Shadow, 2006

The Roots of Heaven, 2009

Fall, 2008

Dead Angels, 2007

Distant Wish, 2006


2 commentaires:

  1. Sublime !
    Je vais aller faire un tour sur son site :)

  2. super fan de ce posting