dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Andrea Crews

"Fashion, Art, Activism"

Andrea Crews is a collective led by Maroussia Rebecq, resourceful plastic artist, who performs between art and fashion by federating stylists, illustrators, musicians, video directors and performers.

The fashion concept? Andrea Crews creates clothes and accessories, reinterpreting second-hand clothes, or classics of other brands, by getting back stocks and by cutting in the falls. For a second-hand stores lover like me, I can only approve. Andrea Crews also prints basics in association with associated artists, and can create for famous brands such as the reinterpretation of the Lacoste's crocodile.

You can find Andrea Crews' creations in a trendy studio/shop 10, rue Frochot, Paris-9ème or at Colette (where else?). Take me to Paris! Well, you can also find creations in shops from Miami to Hong Kong (and I only know it now...)

Of course, music loves Andrea Crews, ask Yelle, The Do, Santigold or Metronomy. When pop meets ultra-pop!

The jogging collection 2010

Fresco Palais de Tokyo, 2002


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