mardi 26 janvier 2010

Bright idea

Plain bulb
Painting on the wall

Bar L'International, Paris

samedi 23 janvier 2010

Colorful Music - Part 2

As promised, Ebony Bones!

The first time I saw her and her band was at a free concert this summer in Paris in front of the Hotel de Ville.

Seeing is the right term. First you see the rainbow then you hear it.
Ebony mixes sounds and rythmes in a dynamic mess to dance away your worries.

You will quite understand why I have to mention her if I tell you that she was performing during JC De Castelbajac fashion show, Pirates and Parrots, at the last Paris Fashion Week.

This participative video clip is brillant.
It perfectly represents the best 2010 has to offer. Globalization of creativity, sharing of passion and music. .

ps: if one of you got the number of her guitarist, the Indian, your price is my price..

vendredi 15 janvier 2010

Terry, you're weird!

Terry Richardson is everywhere, has photographed everyone.

I am still in the process of knowing if I like him or not! haha. Tho there is something natural and genuine in all his photographs that I like. First time I really linked his name with his photographs was thanks to an article in a Vice magazine special issue. Last time I saw some of his shots was in the German H&M magazine. Everywhere, indeed.

He is said to be with Marc Jacobs a great contributor to 'porno-chic' spread.

That guy is not anymore controversial, he just is.






Vigo - official - unofficial

Ok, I think I like Terry..

dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Colorful Music - Part 1

Sliimy is Pop, Sliimy is Funky.
French Mika-look-alike singer and musician, Sliimy's got a terrific style.
Refreshing to listen to and to look at, with a nice pop/graphic/colorful/stylish video that caught my attention.

Hey, I know that watch!

Coming next: 'Colorful Music - Part 2': Ebony Bones, who else...


Does really biocosmetics packaging have to be ugly and cliché to reassure customers on how genuine and natural they are?

For our 'Semiology of Brands' course, we're working on that subject with Mathilde. After an inventory of the offer in France, we've inferred the trend that 'bio-products are natural and simple, therefore/because they don't waste money on brand image'.
Still, the Ecocert label predicts that 10% of the cosmetics total sales will be 'bio' in 2010, contrary to the actual 4%. So how will biocosmetics attract more customers?

By becoming a product like all the others. By integrating itself in the everyday life and stop being 'for only those who know and care'. Let's hope that 'bio' will be for everyone, and that it will be someday the standard and not the exception.

Maybe leading us closer to that ideal, ABSOLUTION finally offers us biocosmetics appealing to the eyes and not only to our clear conscience.
ABSOLUTION is ' The first unisex bespoke certified organic cosmetics (French) brand', coming in a sexy graphic packaging and with a brand story attractive to urban trendy people. :

vendredi 8 janvier 2010

Music to my ears

I like New Young Pony Club - Lost A girl


You can download for free this single on their website :)

jeudi 7 janvier 2010

Seeing life through a Prism

Exquisite glasses from Anna Laub. Working in the world of trends and fashion journalism, she is the creative director of PRISM and has been tracking what people were wearing in cities like London, Rio, New York to create this collection.

Paris - CreamTortoiseShell

Rio - CrystalGrey

Newyork - Clear

Now, my fake Wayfarer glasses from Guangzhou look pretty discreet...

mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Be a star!

The song I've heard and instantly liked during this holidays. Indeed, you cannot come back from holidays without a song.

Oh No Oh My - Be a star

Not from me, from youtube ^^

Might be interesting to tell you where I've heard it: it's from the closing credits of The September Issue, documentary directed by RJ Cutler on Anna Wintour, high priestess of US Vogue magazine.

A complete submersion in the world of fashion.

I know it's impossible for a simple being like me to judge but I must admit that I was so annoyed by her manners...I love talent. But better when it comes with modesty and levity.

One more from Oh No Oh My? Oh Yes Oh My:

mardi 5 janvier 2010


Ahh, it feels good to be without internet for a while but it feels so good to have it back ^^

I wish all of you a terrific, splendid, magnificient, creative 2010!

So I've spent some wonderful holidays, traveling here and there, taking some pictures on the road. Which is quite entertaining considering that you have nothing else to do. I just love watching through the window, in car, train or plane, and meditating on how great or crapy life can be - this 2weeks, it was just on how fucking great it is!

Nantes-Paris, 18/12/09

Paris-Nice, 24/12/09

Berlin-Düsserldorf, 02/01/10

Düsseldorf-Paris, 03/01/10