dimanche 10 janvier 2010


Does really biocosmetics packaging have to be ugly and cliché to reassure customers on how genuine and natural they are?

For our 'Semiology of Brands' course, we're working on that subject with Mathilde. After an inventory of the offer in France, we've inferred the trend that 'bio-products are natural and simple, therefore/because they don't waste money on brand image'.
Still, the Ecocert label predicts that 10% of the cosmetics total sales will be 'bio' in 2010, contrary to the actual 4%. So how will biocosmetics attract more customers?

By becoming a product like all the others. By integrating itself in the everyday life and stop being 'for only those who know and care'. Let's hope that 'bio' will be for everyone, and that it will be someday the standard and not the exception.

Maybe leading us closer to that ideal, ABSOLUTION finally offers us biocosmetics appealing to the eyes and not only to our clear conscience.
ABSOLUTION is ' The first unisex bespoke certified organic cosmetics (French) brand', coming in a sexy graphic packaging and with a brand story attractive to urban trendy people.

http://www.absolution-cosmetics.com/ :

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  1. j'avoue je suis une victime de plus de ce cliché : si j'avais juste vu les packs et que tu n'avais pas précisé que c'était du bio, je ne l'aurais jamais imaginé !
    du coup, limite, je ne trouve pas ça visuellement "bio" et je ne sais pas si j'irais vers ce type de produit si je cherchais du bio...