jeudi 4 mars 2010

Uncool is the new cool!

I'm a big fan of the Coolhunter website, "roaming the U.S. & the globe so you're in the know"

Until I read in a book from D.Cuvillier "Comprendre les Tendances" about another totally uncool blog: the Uncoolhunter!

First of all, pink leopard pattern can only augur well.

Then, are you tired of trying to keep up with ever-changing trends? Just be uncool.
Well, of course, there's nothing more trendy now than being regressive, has-been, or out-of-phase.
As proved in Paris where the "geek girl party" that recently took place was just the place to be.

Euro RSCG Worlwide warned us in 2001: "Trends are out!"

"Cakes that do not look like cakes"

"Sleeveface: Become a vinyl"

"Pricasso: The Penis Painter"

(believe me, a must-have for your living-room..)


and so on...

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