mercredi 9 décembre 2009

798 Art District

If you ever go to Beijing (true, it doesnt happen everyday, but in case..), don't miss the 798 Art District. It's discretly mentionned in guidebooks ( the Forbidden City, the Great Wall are some serious competitors) but it's worth seing, and the place is huge!

As "modestly" described on the website: "It became a "Soho-esque" area of international character, replete with "loft living," attracting attention from all around. Bringing together contemporary art, architecture, and culture with a historically interesting location and an urban lifestyle, "798" has evolved into a cultural concept."

In a communist China, I was sceptical before going there about how "open-minded" it would be, but it seemed pretty free to me. naive?..
Here's some shots, sadly, I rarely have the name of the artist..yes, that's pretty lame..

Song Yang "Oh yeah"

Cooool, huh?

A bored bride taking pictures at her own weeding photo shooting...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hey

    I have been there with a friend studying arts while we were in HK. Thing is : this place is huge, that's right, but also free mindness is not respected, obviously. It's a fake place with lots and lots of pieces related to Mao (of course NOT critcals), some kind of imited outdated American pop-art.

    Better look at Zao Wou Ki ;)

    Tim (on était à HK ensemble hihi)

  2. Tim, Tim! wassup?! :)

    Thx for your advice, i didnt know what to think about it coz i dont know anything about the status of art in China..well, i have some ideas about how controlled it might be but i was trying not to be too pessimistic without knowing..
    But somehow, I think the pieces of art exhibited there deserve interest (but maybe even more, you're right, the ones not exhibited at all!) and I have a thing for old-factories-cliche-trendy-art-places ^^
    Plus, i bought a terrific ring there which i have to talk about (yeah,dont call me material girl..)

    Thx again for your critical eyes!

    Take care French boy :p