mercredi 16 décembre 2009


Here it comes! Another Pantone-ized object! Seen on The TrendyGirl, this Pantone Nail Polish line really makes sense as it describes perfectly the content. Contrary to the others which use Pantone more to bring a friendly design reference. They're all starting to have a 'déjà-vu' taste but still I love them all ^^ (colors, colors, give me more colooors!)

Pantone Nail Polish, by the design Student Renata Veiga, Sao Paulo

Pantime is a student project by James Beattie of Bedford College, UK

Rubitone, a design project as a wink more than for commercialization, by designer Ignacio Pilotto

The now famous Pentone mugs, produced exclusively in Europe by the company W2 Products

5 "Panettone", traditional Italian cakes, sent last year as christmas gifts to promote Greenford Printing, designed by the agency Purpose

Gap's new Pantone T-shirts at the New York Gap pop-up shop

Holidayyys pretty soon! Don't know when I'll be back!

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