vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Watch me!

I love watches.

I often joke about it saying it's because of my Asian origins (dont know if i have any but i feel like it ^^) The total budget of advertisement for watches in HK must be pretty close to the French GDP.. So there must be something about watches. Is it because it symbolizes Time, that precious commodity giving rythm and meaning to our life?
The thing is that I have recently experienced something with my watch that has given me some serious keys for a theory about it...

I have a watch from my favorite fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (give me colors, give me craziness and I'm happy). There it is: my Pop Hours!

And each time I am wearing it, people notice it and make a comment about it, mostly "I like your watch!". And that's how I realized: watches are always noticed. They are part of the few things that clearly define us to the rest of the world. It is like a super facebook profile picture we wear all the time on us: this is who i am, and on a higher level: this is how i want you to see me.

Imagine someone naked, wearing his/her watch. (I am not putting any picture to illustrate that, I am sure you all have it coming to mind).

Every other accessory or piece of clothes would never be enough on its own to let you guess the style of the person, his social status, his tastes. It depends on how they are associated to create a style.

And now, think of the watch. It's all there. The brand tells you how much money was put into that watch. If it's expensive, the style let you know if its for showing-off or real bourgeoisy. The classic ones are for serious people, who like sober style, and you can easily guess if it's linked to good-taste or i-dont'care-about-style-taste . The crazy watches are for provocative people. "I am big, I am colorful, you will for sure notice me" is what the watch is telling to the whole world. Of course, it means you control your style and you're proud of it enough to have the watch matching it. I could go on forever to cover all the posibilities.

This is my theory: your watch is YOU. That's why it is so important. You have a synthesis of your identity just there, at your wristle, and everyone sees it, they know you in the blink of an eye.

I am strongly interested if you also have theories about watches.
Enough with the boring, let's talk about JC de Castelbajac! With images.

The Lego Collection

Pirates! Parrots! And Paradise! Paris Fashion week (photo:AFP)

You love pop, you just have to love JCDC!

Hmm, in fact I can't resist to tell where I've got that watch... This my best moment of inglorious glory...

The few lucky (or should i say unlucky) who have seen this picture without the 'outch', could tell you...before I decide to kill them because they know too much.

How great is that: a fashion show is The place to look glamorous, sexy, perfect, and I just look like an ass.. haha, this is so ironic..

It was at the launching party in Paris last September of the first JC/DC collection 'Punkahontas and the the ducks". JC/DC being his new ready-to-wear brand, at a more accessible price for a younger generation.

Yep baby!

ps: sorry for my horrible French English, i'm trying my best... some day i'll be fluent..(plzzz, someone hire me for an internship in London/NY, plzz!)

ps2: why is my heading picture so blurrryyyyy?!!

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