vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Atypique Atypyk

Hmm..It's been quite a long time.. School is getting crazy these days because of the campaigns for Offices (Student/Sport/Art Offices). So it means a lot of partying and a little of sleep (add to that schoolwork and u get an exhausted lucie).

And yes, Im trying to make it in English from now on. Having fans all over the world is not an easy task. haha, i wish. don't think i'll last long but it's worth trying.

As I was talking about crazyness, I'd like to present you a mad brand: Atypyk. I like the way they deal with objects' functions. Even though i would not buy many of their creations, I love the concepts behind most of them. Interesting to see how an object can convey impertinence and humour. Well, i let you get your own point of view:

"Wear a mustach" pencils: Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark

"Learn the basics" puzzle

"Throw money out of the window.." confettis made with diced up dollar bills

Clumsy Cloasters - Transparent plastic

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